Migliorelli FarmFarm Practices
Freshness and Flavor

Migliorelli Farm is committed to provide fresh fruit and produce that is of the highest quality and exceptionally healthy. It is our personal goal to deliver superior products at an affordable price. All of our produce is less than 24hrs young from harvest to point of sale - The pride of Migliorelli Farm is to provide unsurpassed quality, flavor and freshness.

Production System

Migliorelli Farm is transitioning from the conventional production of fresh produce and fruit into the newly developed Quality Low Input Food (QLIF) (http://www.qlif.org) production standard with implementing the voluntary transparent protocols such as EUROGAP, HACCP and other voluntary safety compliance requirements.

Modeled after the European Good Agriculture Practice (EUREP GAP) system, we implement a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management system that drastically reduces the Health Risks and Exposure of Pesticides. Ahead of any regulatory mandates and voluntarily, Migliorelli Farm integrates new proven scientific tools to reduce the health risks and exposure of pesticides by utilizing Decision Support Systems (http://www.dacom.nl) from crop rotation, planting, pest control, workers safety protection system to the green markets and retail shelf. The system provides transparency in the decision making process and is supported by a detailed digital documentation to continuously improve and fine-tune the different aspects of rotation, fertilization, control, irrigation and cultural practices.

Migliorelli FarmCover Crop Rotation

All production fields are rotated in a two-year cycle and planted with cover crops that provide replenishment of the organic matter and provide healthy balanced microbial communities in the soil. The Farm is currently renting prime agriculture land that if under the threat of being subdivided and developed for housing. All land at the home farm is currently held in conservation easement (http://www.scenichudson.org/whatwedo/landconservation) to guaranty continuing farming and preservation of open space.

Health and Safety

Fresh Apple Cider from Migliorelli Farm's Cider House is free of pathogens and made safe for consumption by Ultra Violet treatment that eliminated pathogens with a 5 to 6-log reduction: Utilizing the most advanced processing method, this treatment is a safe Non Thermal Process that targets pathogens while preserving vitamins and flavor. As mandated by the recent nutritional requirements of New York City, Migliorelli Farm is baking its products with 100% Trans-Free Oil.

Migliorelli FarmThe internationally recognized Hazard Analyses Critical Control Point (HACCP) that is designed to prevent, reduce and eliminate health hazards in the food supply chain guides Migliorelli Farm food processing. This voluntary system adheres to internationally recognized standards through setting up benchmarks, rigid controls and regular audits during production and processing.

Fossil Fuel

Migliorelli Farm is committed in working toward a future of less fossil fuel dependency by studying various options to implement a biomass digester system combined with farm labor housing and greenhouse production.
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